Catching up with Aaron Krominga

Question 1: You wore the “C” on your jersey for the past three seasons what has that meant to you?

Answer: It has been an honor and a privilege to be the captain for the Snipers the last three seasons. Being a leader among leaders on this team has been nothing but beneficial to me and I hope to my teammates as well.

 Question 2: You played as a Forward and a Defenseman during your three seasons here in Dallas. Why do you think that playing both positions made you a better player?

Answer: The transition from Forward to Defense was a little tough at first and I was a little against it at first, but I knew I had to do anything to help the team. Being that I played Forward my whole life I think playing defense for most of my junior career has given me a new perspective and improved my overall game in both positions.

 Question 3: You have played 130 games making you second all time in the Franchise, how all that expirence translates to playing at the next level?

Answer: It will always be a little different playing on a different team and going up to the next level but having that much experience will defiantly help with the transition. It’s been a blast playing all those games with the Snipers and I’m glad I got to go into battle with those players and coaches.

 Question 4: How did you like playing for Coach Davis this past season?

Answer: It was a blast playing for Coach Davis this last year! He is very hockey smart and defiantly a player’s coach. I believe he can take the Snipers very far over the next few years.

 Question 5: What are you going to miss most about playing for the Snipers?

Answer: I am truly going to miss all the times with the boy’s every day. From going to Top Golf on off days to locker room sing/dance offs and going into battle every day, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it.

 Question 6: Where will you be playing College hockey next season and why did you decide to attend that school?

Answer: Next season I will be playing hockey at the University of Oklahoma. I had a few options after the season but ultimately because of the terrific program that Coach Arvanitis runs and hopefully have a great chance at winning a championship. Also it doesn’t hurt to be close to home. 

 On behalf of our program we would like to thank Aaron for all his dedication to the program. He has lead our program on the ice for our first three seasons and we could not be more grateful for his contributions. Good Luck at Oklahoma next year Aaron.