Catching up with Luke Grignano

Next in our “Catching Up Series” is Snipers Defenseman, Luke Grignano. Luke has played and served as the team’s Assistant Captain the two seasons that he wore a Snipers sweater. The 6’0 235 lbs. Defenseman has been a large part of the program since his arrival in the 2012/2013 season. Luke took a large step from his first season with the team to the past season; he doubled his numbers from year one to his second season. When asked about Grignano, Head Coach Aaron Davis said, “Luke is a smart, physical and a solid two way defenseman. He is a shot blocking machine.” Luke saw lots of ice time last season due to the team having injuries and short benched till just about the trade deadline; he was playing on average 30 minutes per game.

Question 1: What does being a part of the Dallas Snipers mean to you?

Answer: Being part of the Dallas Snipers organization meant more to me because I was doing something out of the normal for myself. Never playing elsewhere then my home state, I was doing something I wasn’t used to. I came in my first year not knowing much of the previous season but shortly after I realized the core group of guys we had and the determination we could turn it around into the team we were this year. Being a Dallas Sniper wasn’t just a name, it wasn’t just a team, to me it was my family, it is something I’ll always remember.

Question 2: What made you decide Dallas was the next best thing for your career?

Answer: Dallas was the right choice for me because I’m not from a huge city, so I wanted to try something completely different and Dallas gave me that among other things.

Question 3: What was your favorite memory of the past two seasons with the program?

Answer: My favorite memory of the past two seasons is a tough decision to make because of all the great times that I had. The bus trips as long as they were , it was a great time to bond even more with the guys on the team and all the crazy fun shenanigans. It’s stuff like that I will never forget. However beating the Icejets in the shootout is a close second, because we had never beaten them before. With the group of guys we had this past season though we knew we could do something special.

Question 4: How did you like playing for Coach Davis this past season?

Answer: Playing for Coach Davis was something that we needed; he was the type of Coach to push us as a team and individually. He helped me find more of an offensive side to my game. I doubled my point totals from my first year.

Question 5: Now that your junior career is over, what are your plans for the future?

Answer: My future insist of attending Robert Morris Peoria to play club hockey for the school. Depending on how things go my first year I plan on transferring to Iowa State University. 

        The entire Dallas Snipers Family want to congraulate Luke on continuing to play his hockey career at a great academic school and wish him the very best with his future.