Catching up with Shane Bonds

The Dallas Snipers will be doing a small series of catching up with some of the players. Starting our series is the Franchise Leader in points, Shane Bonds. A native of Edmond, OK, Shane has been a Sniper since day one of the franchise. He has played at the lowest of lows for the program only winning five games in year one. He has played at the franchise high points like this past season where the team won 21 games and taking the best team in the League and in AAU to a two - one game in the franchises biggest games. Shane has been a speedy winger with a good hands and a good shot who leads the franchise in points with 129 in 134 games played which is second in franchise history. 


Question 1: What did being a Dallas Sniper mean to you?

Answer: Nearly three years ago, I viewed playing for the Dallas Snipers as an opportunity for new beginnings. Especially since our team was brand new with very little to work with, which didn’t help the many obstacles we had to overcome the following years.  Between the 40 losses the first year to having multiple new coaches, all with different coaching styles every other year, the burden was placed on our core group of veterans who were constantly forced to adapt to the frequent changes. It was challenging to say the least, but we kept coming back each year as a stronger, faster and closer team. I may no longer play for the Dallas Snipers hockey team, but I will always be a part of the Dallas Sniper family and brotherhood that taught me the meaning of commitment and unity. Now, nearly three years later, I wouldn't have wanted my junior career to go any either way.


Question 2: What was your favorite memory of the last three seasons?

Answer: My favorite memory out of the last three seasons would have to be the game against the Ice Jets that went into a 13 man shootout. I had never been in such a battle! There were so many emotions running through every player on our bench and of course throughout the entire game. I have never seen so much perseverance and passion among a group of guys like I did on the ice during that game. Then again, I’ll forever have lasting memories with the team in general. Such as playing through blood, sweat and tears with my bestfriend and team Captain, Aaron Krominga and my, practically blood, brother and Assistant Captain, Justin Becton. Lastly, I have to say that making memories with such a diverse group of men, from California to Sweden alike, was a blessing that shaped my outlook on the importance of teamwork and unity.


Question 3: You are the franchise leader in points with 129 and second in games played with 134. What do those two accomplishments mean to you? 

Answer: Being the franchise leader in points and second in games played is an unfathomably huge accomplishment for me. When the team was new, I instantly felt obligated to be the leader that emphasized the importance of going full out on the ice. Ultimately, I pressured myself to continue leading the team in goals the following years. Accomplishing this wasn't easy. The WSHL is a very competitive league and I shamelessly take pride in every point that I acquired. Especially since I played against plenty of equally talented players who play a role in making every point that much more meaningful.


Question 4: How did you like playing for Coach Davis last season? 

Answer: I loved playing for Davy this past season. He is by far the best coach we've ever had since the Snipers have been around. Davy coming into the fold was not only a godsend for the team, but for myself as an individual player. I’ve never had a coach that believed in my ability as he did/does. I had more points this year under Davy than the three years prior due to his dedication in bringing the utmost out of my play. He’s a player’s coach that genuinely cares about his player’s future success. Simply put, he is one of the best coaches I've ever had. I would recommend anybody to come and play under him, especially if you want to learn and grow as a player and person!


Question 5: Now that your Junior career is over what are your plans for the future? 

Answer: My plans for the future include trying out for the Wichita Thunder of the Central Hockey League this October. From there, I would like to work my way up through the East Coast Hockey League, to the American Hockey League, and then hopefully the NHL. I know my dreams are lofty, but with hard work and dedication the sky is the limit. This coming year I’m hoping to crack the lineup being a rookie and play in a good amount of games, hopefully score 15 to 20 goals, grow as a player and learn more about the game from a professional standpoint. I may have a tough road ahead of myself, but I have never been more confident in myself and my career.

    The Snipers want to wish Shane best of luck in his career and thank him for all the great memories you have given to our Organization.