Housing Families Wanted

The Dallas Snipers are looking for Housing Families (Billet Families) interested in
    joining our team for the upcoming season. Our players are 
unpaid amateurs,
    who are pursuing their dreams to play college hockey and hope to fulfill their dream to play college hockey in the future. In most cases, this means moving away from home, going to a new school and living with a local family. We are looking for local families who are willing to open their homes to these exceptional young men. Players live with their host family throughout the season, attend school and work part-time jobs. They arrive in mid-August and stay through the end of the regular season. Because these are teenagers who are far from home, it is important to the organization, as well as the WSHL, to provide them with a stable, comfortable environment during their time in Dallas with families that demonstrate a well balanced family-oriented life style. We want families who are interested in building a lasting relationship with the young men as they attempt to reach their goals and dreams in sports and education.

   For more information, please visit our Housing Family Page on our Website.