Weekend Preview: El Paso Rhinos

via WSHLStats.com

Another In-state rivalry to take note of in the league is between the Dallas Snipers and El Paso Rhinos. El Paso has five of six victories against the Snipers in the season.

Rhinos are facing three games at the StarCenter in Plano and the Snipers are keen on repeating their effort from Nov. 15, when they defeated the Rhinos 4-2.

While the Snipers look to extend their four-game win streak after a perfect Showcase, the Rhinos are owners of the longest active win streak at 10 straight wins stretching back to Dec. 08.

It will be the final three games between the two clubs, but for the Snipers, it is a chance to push forward in the race, as they are only six points from third place.

Dallas continues to lead the league in overtime/shootout appearances going into extra minutes 11 times thus far.

If the Snipers can push to overtime it may be uncharted waters for the Rhinos, more so than Dallas, since El Paso has one win and one loss in just two OT appearances this season.

That being said, their OTW was against the Snipers at the start of the season.

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